Millhaus Dos & Don’ts: Event Planning


Millhaus Dos & Don'ts: Event Planning

From skateboarding, snowboarding or BMX contests to concerts and exhibitions up to product launches and trade fairs – Millhaus drafted and executed a huge amount of events in the recent years.
Even if it’s new and different every single time, there are a few basic rules, tips and tricks that you should always keep in mind.
Our event professionals Michelle and Sina explain what you have to look out for when planning an event. Because it is quite a lot. In the end it's important for us that clients, artists & athletes, spectators and everybody involved is stoked about the outcome!
But please read for yourself:


– Plan!
Main rule - have a plan for everything! Things always tend to turn out different than you have imagined and that is exactly what you should be prepared for. If the customer wants to order a bottle of champagne for a colleague’s birthday in the evening, have the necessary amount of cash in your pocket. If the temperatures rise in the summer and the festival is just about to collapse, call the fire brigade and let them turn on the "shower". etc. And if you really do not have a plan, check “Don’t No.1”.

– Walkie-Talkies!
People with walkie-talkies do not only look important, they usually are important. Above all, these gadgets help the team to stay in touch in stressful situations over long distances and without much attention. And yes, you feel a bit like the secret service.

– Lip balm and hand lotion!
Everyone who ever was in charge for an event from the set-up until the end of the party, knows the phenomenon of event lips and hands. No matter how much you drink or what you do, after about 5 hours you have rough, dry lips and your hands get the first tears. Therefore, two of the most important tools for the event day are: lip balm and hand lotion.Pro Tip: After a summer with 34 festivals: Kaufmanns Kinder- & Hautcreme!

– Fun!
No matter how stressful it may be, how much has gone wrong and how annoying the situation is - have fun at work. And if you are not in the mood - fuck it and at least try to look happy ;)

– Celebration dinner with the team!
Whether with or without alcohol, sitting together and celebrating yourself for the finished work after an exhausting event is the best feeling. The only thing better than celebrating is going to sleep afterwards.

– Always be prepared!
A well-equipped production office can save lives. In addition – duct tape and cable ties have rescued every event.

– Outdoor event planned?'
Always know the weather forecast and watch the rain radar!

– Always work with professionals!
Also the selection of service providers is quite an art. Nothing costs you more nerves than unreliable / unprofessional service providers at an event.


– To stress and being stressed.
Every event is stressful no matter how well everything is prepared. There are always imponderables that you could not predict and in these situations, it is important to keep calm.

– Not drinking and eating enough.
Because you are not yourself when you are hungry.

– Alcohol.
People drink almost on every event. Some might be moderate, others get absolutely hammered. But no matter how much you are craving for a cool beer or how often you are invited to drink shots with your client- know your limit and watch out for your crew! Nobody needs a trainee that throws up in front of your client. Nobody!

– Chill mode.
The task is done so it’s time to relax? No way! This way of thinking doesn’t help nobody at the event. Even if your job is done, check if you can help your colleagues. Be a team player. Run around with open eyes and see where you can help. This applies to events as well in your everyday life!

– Starting an unprepared dismantling.
Of course the time is scarce until the doors open and the packaging materials etc. are annoying and stand in the way. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to keep order! In the production office and "behind the scenes". The longer the event lasted, the faster you want to go home afterwards. It helps to set up a plan for the teardown and to store packaging materials etc. somewhere purposefully structured. Do want to search for a box at 4am?Shortly before the end of the event a final meeting with the team is essential. Then everyone knows exactly what he has to do.You need to make a plan which items need to go to which destinations. Make sure to know where your vehicles will go the next day. Afterwards the vehicles are parked and the boxes will be stored.Pro Tip: Prepare stickers in different colors for each destination. Write the content quickly on them and save yourself some annoying sorting on the next day.
But never forget that the work isn't done as soon as the last box is stored. A proper documentation and a clean wrap-up are crucial for a succesful event.

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