Give and take


Give and take

We are aware that there are enough cool ideas concerning crowdfunding.However, we are also aware of the fact that niche projects are hard to finance on an internal the scope affecting way. Because of that projects always rely on help!

We did a little research in order to introduce two projects that a worth to take a look at!

Projekt M from Mellowpark

The “Mellowpark” in “Berlin-Köpenick” is a fixed institution with all its ramps, banks, national and international contests and their advancement on youth BMX culture in Germany and Europe in general. Back in 2010, with a location change, the Mellowpark lost its centerpiece the BMX park. Hence, there exists a concept that introduces a BMX super-park (bigger, more creative, better).

Mellowpark and Millhaus connects a longtime relationship. We realized heaps of project together with Jens Werner and his team of locals, photographers and filmers out of the so called “Mellowpark-Cosmos”. You need an example?! Back in 2010 we hosted the “BMX Miniramp Challenge” in cooperation with the event series “Telekom Local Supports” together with most of the people included at project M now.

Till today our paths intersect due to the fact that we are still integrated in the same environment.

We are big fans and support the project M in order to help Mellowpark financing their equity capital within this project. We would love to see that place growing even bigger and affect the European BMX scene even more than they did till the current state of mind.

Get yourself involved! Get one of their “Dankeschöns” just like their breakfast plate, a kids birthday including the whole shebang or your name on their massive wallride.

Skate Art – Art, illustration, design & broken boards

We keep preaching it consistently! Skating is more than just “sports”. It’s an art and the board itself is more than a plank on rolls and an axis. Moreover the board developed to a favored medium used by artists and became to a canvas fort expression within this context. Romain Hurdequint owner and founder of the page “TheDailyBoard” shares our point of view. On his skate & art blog the Frenchman publishes board designed by artists from all around the world. In cooperation with Editions Cercle d’arts, they just published an art collection of Picasso, and with their massive support, Romain tries to create a book concerning the given phenomena. There are 3000 boards designed by contemporary artists, designers and illustrators. Edition Cercle d’arts covers most of the costs, but Romains struggles to cover the rest of the amount. Help him!

Be part of this wonderful project and safe yourself an issue of “Skate Art”.

If you are still undetermined which project you want to support or if you feel like to support both of them, follow those links:

Project M Mellowpark
Skate Art – Art, Illustration, Design & Broken Boards

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