Did you know: PornHub


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Did you know that we’d love to work together with PornHub?

No Joke, seriously! There are still plenty of possibilities to place targeted advertising within the platform, just like a rough diamond you need to grind. You don’t believe us?! Read this!

About one third of the internet-traffic deals with the porn industry or surrounding business areas. That sums a daily search request of more than 68 million worldwide. The biggest player of them all: PornHub! With 23 trillion visitors just in 2016 they can call themselves top-notch concerning porntubes worldwide.

There is a great diversity of visitors but obviously men dominate statistics with 65% to 80% which depends on their native country.  Additionally statistics tell that the target customer comes with a millennial age of 18 to 35 and define the main customer base with 60%.


Furthermore it seems like the porn industry does attract people from big continents as well as the ones from tiny small islands. U.S citizens define the biggest percentage of visitors followed by Island, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. And even the reserved and unemotional prejudice of the Scandinavian inhabitant can be rejected if you take a look into the worlds top 10 visitor countries including Norway and Sweden. German’s favorite choice is XHamster by the way.

PornHub frequently puts statistics online that describe the target group in every detail. They are able to link certain events to search criterions and their frequency of occurrence. Just after the presidential election in the U.S, “Donald Trump” as a keyword on internet research raised 874% just as Olympic Games in Rio lead to a raise of 2.729% concerning keywords dealing with the event.

Another aspect deals with the usage of different devices and an upcoming importance of mobile devices. Almost two third of the traffic concerning the porn industry happens on smartphones and numbers are even raising. And of course “Virtual Reality” is on the rise and will not leave the porn industry and its environment untouched. PornHub reacts on this phenomena and is implementing more and more VR content in order to be one of the early adopters within this development.

A platform, with a reach just as described, connected to current events and developments, offering tons of information and addresses a great diversity of people worldwide, should be afraid of advertising trying to get placed within their structure, you don’t think so? In 2016 the fashion brand “Diesel” announces an advertising campaign on PornHub, a beginning of something big? News towards such a development are rare and an evolution of Pornhub’s structure fails to appear.

From our point of view it is grossly negligent to neglect this phenomena. The potential of porn websites as a digital channel is massive! Our appeal to everyone out there: be bold, be the first and don’t miss the chance to reach young people on a different way! We join you, and no panic, it’s not that dirty and dingy as you parents always told you. ;)

Especially PornHub tries to get rid of that image presenting themselves innovative and creative. And it’s working! Currently their online community on Youtube gets surprised by their funny online clips. No connection to the wicked and dark image of a porn industry back in the days. And sometimes PornHub is even able to safe a panda’s life, and everyone loves pandas, so do we! But take a look yourself:



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