Did You Know: Community-owned networks


“Did you know” is a content series that appears frequently on our page and broaches issues our team members, their friends and their environment think, talk and argue about.  We point out innovative approaches dealing with effective marketing, for free, just because of you!

Did You Know: Community-owned networks.

Do you already know ETN a new video-on-demand platform from skaters to skaters? The new online project founded by Rob Dydrek  streams daily episodes produced by the platform itself but also contests just like the Tampa Pro or tour stops of the Street League Skateboarding. Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston and Leticia Bufoni are just a few skate pros that are responsible for your daily entertainment.  Just as the role-model Netflix, ETN provides content for a little amount of money produced by themselves, people that would love to watch that stuff themselves. That’s the reason why ETN is just as dope as it is- authenticity!

Furthermore there are no visible sponsors, ad-banner or pop-ups that fill the page- or maybe just not yet?!

A similar platform with a lot of analogies to ETN is Rocketbeans (https://www.rocketbeans.tv/): One of the best, or maybe the best web-broadcaster from nerds, for nerds (nerd is definitely not a cuss anymore, its 2017 already so come on). The fast growing team of Rocketbeans produces and streams almost 24/7 and develops different concepts via Twitch. Besides Interviews with gaming celebrities they focus on reviews and electronical gadget from around the world presented by Vodafone! The big supporter base isn’t bothered by that fact, contrariwise they appreciate the honest news coverage.

The fact that Vodafone uses a platform like Rocketbeans without any limitations in order to place themselves right in the middle of their target group appears to be very interesting.

The example shows that it is much more productive to integrate a brand within the environment of an established and authentic base, built on the values and rules of a specific niche market. As a result, the culture and image of those niche markets affect the brand much faster, more effectively and comes along with sustainability.     

If you feel like you want to be part of a sub culture within the areas of music, sports and design or if you got any idea that fits the platform of ETN don’t hesitate to contact us!

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