Did you know: Ideas vs. Influencer


“Did you know” is a content series that appears frequently on our page and broaches issues our team members, their friends and their environment think, talk and argue about.  We point out innovative approaches dealing with effective marketing, for free, just because of you!

Did you know that most influencer could do much more than product placement within sponsored posts?

“Get 15% discount with the code “MILLHAUS15” on your first watch from @danielschwellington”, “Hey folks, am at @fashionweekschwerin” – yep, just as the other 354 people in my Insta-Feed , “share this post, use the hashtag #meineluft and win a glas filled with my breath”….


Of course influencer marketing is inconceivable in our fast developing social media environment. Nevertheless, we need a change in up to date structures! There is a demand for proper storytelling and innovative ideas rather than discount codes and product placement!

Louise Delage is an perfect example of such a progress and our crew from MILLHAUS is definitely taken with this approach! But who the fuck is Louise Delage? Should I be interested in her just because we tell you to?

Okay. Some short introduction. Louise Delage opened her Instagram-Account the 1st of August in 2016. An account she documents her life with. Some jet-set life with her friends, trips to Berlin or somewhere at the beach, some architecture, guess you can imagine. Actually just another girl with her origins in the Parisian upper-class. No wonder her follower community exponentially grew bigger.

Okay you might ask yourself: Why the f*** MILLHAUS tells me all that stuff?! An Insta-Party-Girl Account, come on!

Okay so get ready! Nobody actually recognized Louise having a drink in 135 posts out of 150 during the entire time just till her last post in September 2016. Her last post: a short clip from “Addict AIDE”, an organization that indicates alcohol addiction. “Addict AIDE” created the imaginary person of Louise Delage in partnership with the agency “BETC”. An alternating way to install an online campaign via social media platforms. An example on how to use the possibilities and reach capacity of social media in a fascinating and characterful way compared to up to date campaigns using sponsored posts a banner ads.


Okay guys, you need further examples on advertisement aside from the mainstream?!

Attention please:

Sydney Opera. An architectural masterpiece, you might have seen it somewhere before. ;)

A tourist attraction that should not be lacking any holiday series of images.

Heaps of pics on any Insta-Feeds. But the main Question: “Who actually ever been inside Sydney Opera?” The answer: the vanishing small number of 1%! including out of the enormous number of people posting picture of the opera every day. Hence the possibilities on how to trigger the left over 99% should increasingly be focused on! The agency “DDB Sydney” created the hashtag “comeonin” including personalized invitation clips uploaded on Instagram. The clue: everything happened in real time and people working at Sydney opera are actually starring those videos, in order to induce people to come in.

But just take a look yourself:

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