High Five



HIGH FIVE is a non-profit association initiated by Millhaus employees and dedicated to supporting children and young people.

The concept of HIGH FIVE is based on the conviction that sport – and in particular sports that create meaning and identity, such as skateboarding and snowboarding – can convey important emotional, social and integrative skills.

In the sports pedagogic programmes, girls and boys learn a variety of new values and skills through physical experience, community and small and large challenges: body awareness and enthusiasm, creativity and individuality, fun and joy of life, patience and stamina, tolerance and respect.

Intensive efforts are made to encourage the participation of children and young people with special needs. The causes are individual and manifold: low income, social neglect, educational poverty, flight, parentless childhood, etc.

Millhaus shares the HIGH FIVE vision of a world in which children find their rightful place, self-confidently follow their ideas, set goals and also strive to achieve them on their own initiative. The award-winning association was founded in 2010 and has been supported and promoted by Millhaus from the very beginning.

HIGH FIVE is an official support project of the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation and project partner of the City of Munich (Department of Education and Sport, Social Department).

More information at www.wearehighfive.com.


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