MINI – Brand Partnership Channel Islands Surfboards


Brand Partnership Channel Islands Surfboards

2014 - 2016

MINI’s collaboration with market-leading surfboard producer Channel Islands Surfboards was based on a shared passion for sophisticated design and performance, as well as a common history of delivering unrivalled riding/driving experiences.

As part of the brand partnership Pro Surfer Kalani Robb worked alongside Channel Island’s shapers to create an innovative new surfboard design that translates the MINI’s characteristic handling into an unbelievably agile and versatile board.

Channel Islands marketed the board in their own online shop and in over 660 surf shops around the world as “The MINI” – branded with the MINI logo and accompanied by the story behind the product – and have achieved above average sales figures since its launch. The surf community has organically spread the word of this unique design and its phenomenal performance on the water, generating an earned reach of nearly 8 million for MINI x Channel Islands content on Instagram alone (as of 7/2017).

In 2017 the MINI Ecohybrid surfboard – a new, more sustainable generation of the product, certified by the non-profit “Sustainable Surf” – was released in conjunction with MINI’s new Countryman Plug-In-Hybrid.

The brand partnership between Channel Islands Surfboards and MINI International was born in 2014 with the aim of bringing the MINI brand to life in the world of surfing, sharpening the brand’s image and emotionally charging it for new and existing customers with a substantial brand story rooted in surf culture. In doing so, interactions were triggered in contexts that usually portray automobile manufacturers as not more than transporters of people and things. It represented an opportunity to communicate through attractive images which were born out of surf culture, but which would also play to a wider audience. In return, the Channel Islands brand enjoyed an increased presence outside of the surf market. Millhaus was the creative lead throughout the entire co-operation.

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