FC Bayern München Basketball – Playoff Campaign 2019


FC Bayern München Basketball

Playoff Campaign


Development of concept, key visual and activation ideas for sales support.

The 2018/2019 basketball season enters a decisive phase with the playoffs. FC Bayern starts as the clear favourite in the knockout matches, but of course also relies on the support of the fans.

With Millhaus’ claim “Achtung Playoffs! München ist unser Court” the FCBB marks Munich as home court – not only in the Audi Dome, but in the whole city area. The key visuals are based on the visual language of the season campaign, which was also developed by Millhaus. The team’s hero players were placed in scribbles of sights that had been converted into basketball baskets, thus illustrating the hashtag #münchenistunsercourt. The attention-grabbing motifs hang as 18/1 at highly frequented locations such as the main railway station, Marienplatz and Stachus, but also as city lights and on advertising pillars throughout the city centre.


  • Yoko Ono's Macintosh HD
  • Google
  • Bullseye
  • Loading
  • They see me rollin'!
  • Home Office
  • End of Work
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