BMW X1 K2 Powderride



BMW X1 K2 Powderride

Comprehensive concept development intended to attract attention to the BMW X1 amongst a young target audience with an affinity for freeriding. This was achieved through partnership with the renowned sporting equipment manufacturer K2.

The “Chase the Fox” campaign is inspired by the design of the special edition BMW X1 and encompasses the production of an integrated on- and offline campaign including both the production of an elaborate online ad clip as well as the execution of a number of supporting brand experiences. The Fox was chosen as both a characteristic design element of the special edition X1 and as a theme for a special give away.

The BMW-Powderride Fox Tail is a cool VIP Pass of sorts in the form of a key ring that gives the holder access to countless free-ride activities throughout the whole winter season: free helicopter flights, first lifts on powder days, first-row parking or reduced price lift tickets.

The limited Fox Tails quickly became coveted must-have items amongst freeriders and the rich share value of the experiences authentically positioned BMW in a hard-to-reach target audience.


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